The Journey Experience

Emotional Wellbeing, Relationships, Physical Health and more…

In just 2 or 3 days you can transform your life and set yourself free!

The 2 day Journey Experience with the optional 3rd day, where you learn many more additional skills and tools, has been carefully designed to reveal your full potential and discover how to harness your body’s own power to heal.

During the course of this event you’ll be able to release deep emotional blocks, disempowering beliefs and limiting vows. Many times they have been hidden in the subconscious.

Using the deeply transforming process work using The Journey Method, you’ll be leaving the event free to enjoy more peace of mind, experience greater joy of being, and begin to live from your deepest potential of love, not fear.

As a Journey Experience Graduate you will also qualify to attend many of The Journey’s advanced level courses and retreats.

Why are people attending The Journey Experience?

We live in strange and confusing times. As a society, we have more than ever, yet so many experience an emptiness and longing and are looking for answers to life’s problems in new ways.

So people come to The Journey Experience for a host of reasons. Many feel stuck in their lives, and feel as if they’re held back from achieving their full potential.

Others come to finally resolve relationship issues that have impacted their life, address health and well-being issues, many being able to even clear depression, which is so common today.

Still others want to connect deeper with their inner self and are looking for spiritual advancement and liberation.

Whatever your personal life challenges, The Journey Experience can help you become healthier, happier, more connected with yourself and others, and free to live life as you choose.

You will be able to:

  • Clear out unhealthy cell memories
  • Leave your past behind
  • Re-write your destiny

A personal process that’s unique to you

The Journey Experience has proven to be effective in all areas of your life as it gives you direct access to the unconscious subliminal programs that have been running your life up to now. And only you hold the key!

At the live event you’ll be guided through range of unique processes, discovered and developed by Brandon Bays that lets you find that key and uproot old, disempowering habits and create space for conscious awareness instead.

From our experience and over twenty years of work in the transformational field teaching hundreds of thousands of people, no other healing modality is faster or more effective.

After just three days of searing honesty, tears and laughter, you’ll finally be able to leave your old habits well and truly behind.

You’ll leave free to feel your emotions fully, enjoy the power to choose your actions consciously, and be able to deal with life situation from a place of love and compassion, freeing you from the fear and doubt of the thinking mind.

In just two or three days – you will begin to transform your life for good in all these areas…

  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Better Relationships
  • Physical Health
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Dealing with Stress and Depression
  • Abundance and Wealth 

More proof of the effectiveness of The Journey Method

The processes and healing methods you’ll learn over the two days are being used in a range of organisations, including businesses and governmental departments.

The Dutch Government, for example, has since been offering The Journey to all employees to deal with burnout and work-related stress with astounding results since 2008.

The recovery is quick, drug-free and with long-lasting effect. Currently 12 governmental departments offer The Journey process work to their employees.


What happens over the 2 or 3 days at The Journey Experience?


Day 1…  How to release emotional blocks and clear the way for your own healing

On day one you’ll discover the science behind cellular healing, and you’ll learn and practice one of the The Journey’s most powerful processes called the Emotional Journey.

Numerous scientists and doctors have carried out research that supports the results The Journey process can have on people. For example, Dr Bruce Lipton, Candace B. Pert PhD and Deepak Chopra MD have all shown that suppressing emotions can lead to individual cell receptors becoming blocked. In The Journey Experience, using Journey work and processes, these cell receptors can be unblocked, often resulting in a spontaneous healing, as new cells in your body replicate without that ‘cell memory’.

In The Emotional Journey, a one-to-one process you’ll experience at the event, you’ll uncover often deeply buried emotional blocks that will have been holding you back in life. You’ll also be able to release repressed cell memories that are often linked to physical illness or the incapability of dealing with our own emotional, resulting in emotional shutdowns.

Day 2…  Experience the Physical Journey – a guided meditation process to heal your body

On day two of The Journey Experience, you’ll explore the background and powerful healing capability of the second big Journey Process call the Physical Journey. You’ll learn the very same method (improved and updated dozens of times over the last twenty years) Brandon used to heal herself all these years ago.

This is another one to one process where you’ll be guided to uncover and clear out old cell memories that have caused or might cause physical disease or unhealthy tensions (that can lead to all sorts of issues) in your body and affect the quality of your life.

Day 3… (optional) Learn Additional Journey Skills and Tools to enhance your experience for profound healing

This additional day is for anyone who wants to take Journey work to the next level. A dynamic, inspiring day, jam-packed with many powerful tools, more and new process work and skills. Developed by Brandon Bays, the additional 1-day Core Skills Workshop takes its content directly from The Journey Practitioner Programme. This additional day will offer you even more ways to break through any challenges and work on any issue that might arise.

You’ll experience firsthand the powerful skills developed by Brandon over the many years of her private practice and thousands of Journey processes. It’s like packing your toolbox with additional skills. You’ll leave feeling confident that no matter what life brings you, you know how to handle it using the life transforming Journey Work.

By the time you dive into day three you will have experienced both the Emotional Journey to release and uncover trapped emotions and the Physical Journey, which allows you to release trapped cell memories and often associate trauma.

On day three you’ll enhance your experience by learning a set of additional tools to go even deeper and become even more proficient at both the Emotional and the Physical Journey. Developed and updated by Brandon Bays, these additional skills come straight out of the toolbox of what many of our Accredited Journey Practitioners use to help their clients.

At this dynamic, 1-day workshop you will:


  • Further integrate The Journey Experience – bringing the learned skills alive
  • Learn dozens of new practical tools and mini-processes to clear a variety of issues.
  • Learn how to break through resistances, cut through negative mind-talk and clear limiting blocks.
  • Undergo new transformative process work firsthand and how to use it with a partner.
  • Leave feeling joyous, confident and empowered, ready to address and face any issue – working on yourself or with others.

“No matter how deep your issue is, and no matter how long you’ve struggled with it, the possibility exists for you to become absolutely free, whole and healed”.

Brandon Bays

What is so special about The 2 or 3 day Journey Experience?

One of the things people love about The Journey Experience is that there is an unusually high level of support available during the event. Because the event is experiential and relies on ‘doing the work’, Brandon insists on existing Journey Practitioners and Trainers to be available all during the weekend. This ensures the best possible experience for all delegates.

This dedicated team of trainers offer private coaching and support during the entire workshop . Many of the trainers are Accredited Journey Practitioners who have worked with hundreds of people in their private practices.

At The Journey Experience you’re not just learning and practising a one off healing process – you can use the techniques and methods for the rest of your life. It’s powerful, it’s effective, and it’s completely life changing!

After just two or three days at The Journey Experience many people see ‘miracles’ take place:

  • Chronic pain simply vanishes,
  • Anxiety, depression and sexual blocks disappear,
  • Issues around self-esteem, grief, and anger dissolve, addictions fall away,
  • All sorts of other dis-eases resolve and heal…
  • Resulting in you feeling far more connected with yourself and life

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event The Journey Experience 2 or 3 Day
presenter Sharon Sedgwick
date 30 April – 2 May 2018
place Chestnut Ridge, NY  United States